Useful Links

There are many websites and videos on the internet that you might discover throughout your language-learning journey. Here are resources I recommend you use, as well as instructions and caveats regarding how they should be used.

WordReference is a fantastic, forum-based dictionary and discussion board filled with explanations and translations including geographically relevant information. Often times there are multiple ways of communicating the same message and some methods are more popular in one Spanish-speaking country where another might be more useful in other countries. Take note at the abbreviated country codes as well as any mentioning of formal and informal or even vulgar language. If there is an expression that you want to know the meaning of, search WordReference and you may find a discussion board where other language-learners and natives have discussed the same topic before–scroll to the very bottom of the search results to find these discussions.

Google Translate

BE EXTREMELY CAUTIOUS OF THIS RESOURCE. Many students are tempted to type an entire sentence into Google Translate and, behold, the translation appears–not exactly. Google Translate, like any, computer-based translator, it not attuned to understanding the great, endless world of language–especially considering our language changes daily. Google Translate might be best as a dictionary where you can search individual words to find their meanings. I do not recommend you copy and paste paragraphs of text and use these translations on your assignments–you are, essentially, setting yourself up for failure.

Study Spanish is a great resource for you to practice or reinforce topics we have covered in class. Often times there are parts excluded from non-members, however, the links and resources that are public, are great for your language-learning journey.


Duolingo is a game-based application available for iOS, Andriod, and PC which helps you learn the language through a variety of activities. I do caution the pronunciation of some words presented in the exercises. They are generated by a computer-based voice replication system and some words are pronounced incorrectly. For the most part however, this is a great resource to start learning vocabulary. If you have a question regarding the app, please let me know and I can clear up any confusion. Codes: (1A – GFGCXW), (3A – JVYPAE), (4B – YYVJJV)